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Curriculum Coverage

We recognise that children at Willow Dene have specific, diverse and individual needs and our curriculum reflects and meets these.  Children are enabled to be active learners who are moving towards independence, autonomy, control and choice, as well as learning to effectively communicate their needs, wants, and opinions.

The curriculum is built around the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum and meets children’s individual learning needs and priorities.  All children access both core and foundation subjects, delivered at an appropriate level, and in a style suited to their individual needs and abilities.

The Early Development Curriculum

The Curriculum Strands documents outline the strands of each subject and within which term they are taught. For children working at an Early Development or Emergent Concept level, core learning is derived from the Footsteps and Stepping out progression framework and assessment, based on Routes for Learning. The coverage document related to these learners provides the ‘essence’ of each subject. It provides contexts and opportunities for children to practice their core learning through rich and broad experiences related to a subject.

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The Concept Curriculum

For children working at a Basic Concept and Applying Knowledge level, the curriculum coverage document provides the strands of each subject. Each subject is broken down into units taught on a 3-year (Primary) or 2-year (Secondary) cycle. Children’s subject specific learning is derived from the programme of study for each subject. This provides a progression framework and a sequence of learning.

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For all children, Topic Descriptors are sent home half-termly to share the strands and themes a class is focusing on.

PLPs (Personal Learning Profiles) are sent home regularly to inform parents of their child's learning goals related to their annual review and EHCP outcomes.

If you would like to know more about Willow Dene’s curriculum please use the Contact Us section of our website.